Leme Bluetooth Headphones
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Supports Bluetooth 4.0
Works with most smart phones and TVs

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and most Android phones.

Offers a superior listening experience by enhancing transmission distance and stability while significantly reducing standby power consumption.

  • iPhone

  • iPad & most tablet devices

  • iMac & Windows PC

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Wireless music control
Play a song or control the volume with a simple tap

The intuitive button design spares users the trouble of looking down at the screen or holding the in-line control. You can adjust volume or skip songs with a simple tap of the ear.

  • Volume up

  • Volume down

  • Rewind

  • Skip

Pressed up to

30,000 times in rigorous endurance testing.

Quality assurance tests show any single button can handle thousands of clicks. Premium quality with guaranteed durability.

High sensitivity built-in microphone
Noise reduction and echo cancellation

Built-in microphone features the latest ultra-clear sound quality and CVC6.0 DSP noise reduction technology to intelligently eliminate external noise during a call and significantly reduce echo interference in enclosed environment.

Waveform before noise reduction
Leme Bluetooth Headphones
Waveform after noise reduction
Leme Bluetooth Headphones
Excellent acoustic experience
with true tone and thumping bass
The earpiece has an open design with a sound projection area of 1.57in2

1½ inch large driver unit.

Perforated earpiece with 120 air holes.

Open cavity design with exquisite and exceptional tone.

Large sound projection area of 1.57in2 and a high performance built-in alloy magnet ensure higher conversion efficiency. Triple frequency equilibrium provides excellent resolution and full sound.

Up to 26 days
of standby time
195 mAh lithium polymer battery

The low power consumption of Bluetooth 4.0 and the use of 195 mAh lithium polymer battery ensure up to 26 days of standby time.

Engineered with comfort in mind
Flexible protein leather Earpiece

The ergonomically designed protein leather earpiece surfaces provide listener's ears with pillow-like softness, while durable enough for fitness training and heavy perspiration. Comfortable even after long periods of use. The headband easily stretches to fit snugly on the ears without feeling pinched.

Adjustable design
Flexes and stretches to fit any head
  • Leme Bluetooth Headphones

    Adjustable earpieces

    A 13-degree pivotable design for a comfortable fit.

  • Leme Bluetooth Headphones

    Extendable headband

    With a maximum extendibility of over an inch, earphones extend perfectly to reach the ears.

  • Leme Bluetooth Headphones

    Bendable headband

    The comfortable stainless steel headband is built using a light and soft silicon grip, with maximum tensile arc of 145 degrees.

Austenitic stainless steel brushed edge
Silica gel covering
Austenitic stainless steel brushed headband
Leme Bluetooth Headphones—matte finish available in 3 colors
  • Leme Bluetooth Headphones Black


  • Leme Bluetooth Headphones Red


  • Leme Bluetooth Headphones White


  • Bluetooth 4.0

    High performance microphone

    1.57in moving-coil unit

  • Up to 26 days of standby time

    Wireless music control

    Long-enduring buttons

  • Protein leather earpieces

    Extendable headband

    Adjustable earpieces

    3 colors available

  • Package details:

    Headset × 1

    USB Charge Cable × 1

    A quick guide

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