Big sound in a small package

Cylindrical wireless speaker offered in four vivid colors.

6.57 inches 4.72 inches
Letv Bluetooth Speaker Le Superphone · Le 1 pro
Unique shape, vivid colors

Speakers to express your individualized tastes.

Deceptively powerful

Enjoy immersive sound delivered by 1.57in and 1.85in driver units.

  • 1.57 inches
  • 1.85 inches
270 degree stereo sound experience

Unique cavity design projects sound in three directions. One hand-held speaker can fill a room.

Material innovation

A special PU suspension and speaker cone made of a unique material mixture delivers clear and powerful bass and superior performance at all frequencies.

Partying on with extended battery life

1200mAh batteries provides 8 hours of continuous play to keep the music and party alive!

One-button control

Simple one-button control provides a hassle-free Bluetooth experience.

Full connectivity

Easy to connect to tablets, phones, laptops and all smart devices via Bluetooth.

Set the mood anytime, anywhere

Play your music when and where you want to. Easy to carry, and lasting battery allow you to create a soundtrack for your life.

Business conference

With the built-in high-sensitivity microphone, easier two-way communication is made possible with better voice quality for conference calls and video conferences. Conduct business anywhere, with crystal clarity.

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