Resonance cavity design,
beautiful inside and out

Features a metallic resonance cavity that produces powerful sounds only found in high-end earphones. Driver casings are designed and made with solid sound-insulating material, reducing external noise while minimizing sound leakage.

Laser precision manufacturing

Industrial grade steel driver casings, enclosures, in-line controls and fasteners produced through advanced precision manufacturing processes ensure durability as well as elegance.

Earpiece structure and features

Resonance cavity featured with 0.35in neodymium drivers and adjusted buoy membrane diaphragm produces clear mid-range frequencies while achieving powerful yet accurate bass.

Immersed in your music
with complete comfort

High quality silica gel earbuds with sizes for individual comfort, and durable enough to withstand deformity and discoloration even with constant use.

Crafted for perfection
  • Dual acoustic ports

    Strategically placed front and rear ports reduce ear canal pressure for a natural and comfortable listening experience.

  • Metallic fiber filters

    Dust-resistant filters protect delicate driver systems without compromising sound quality.

Three-key in-line control
Comprehensively compatible with standard Android phones

Gold-plated 0.14in plug encased in heavy-duty all metal construction; High-quality microphone ensures clarity during voice and video calls; OFC copper wiring conducts Hi-Fi sound transmission.

Flexible thermoplastic cable offers strength and flexibility found only in high-end earphones ensuring a longer product lifetime.

Fashionable package

Specially designed leather protective case provides protection and portability.

Product and extras
  • Limited Edition Leather Case

  • LeTV All-Metal Earphones

  • Silica Gel Earbuds (3 sizes)

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